Nail Strip


The 1″ Nail Strip Panel is an attractive standing seam panel that utilizes a hidden fastener system for a sleek finish and weatherproof functionality. This highly desirable panel is often used in residential, light commercial and industrial applications. 

1" Nail Strip Panel

Details & Spec’s

Width: 16″ 

Length: 1″ – 45’0″

Rib Spacing: 16″

Rib Height: 1″

Panel Options: Striated or Flat

Gage Options: 26ga, 24ga

Screw Pattern: Fasten To Snug Every 16″ In Center Of Nail Slot.

Minimum Pitch: 3:12 Or Greater

ProTech Steel 1in Nail Strip Striated vs Flat Option
ProTech Steel 1in Nail Strip Screw Detail Exploded View

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