Corrugated Panel

1/4″ panel with rib spacing at 1 -1/4″ on center

Perfect for accent walls, bars, wainscotting and more..


The 1/4″ Corrugated Panel is used in a wide scope of applications including residential, light commercial and architectural. Available in 15 different finishes, this sleek panel is often used on accent walls, bars, gable areas, and in wainscot applications. 

1/4" Corrugated Panel

Details & Spec’s

Width: 26″ (24″coverage)

Length: 2’8″ – 25’0″

Rib Spacing: 1-1/4″

Rib Height: 1/4″

Primary Use: Siding, Wainscot, Interior


Overlap panel only one rib and fasten from bottom to top every 2'. We recommend our low pro screws for fastening as the head fits securely in between the rib. It is always key to remember to lap this panel toward the walkway of the house or building approach as so the lap will be less noticeable.
Many wainscots are in the 3' - 4' height range running vertically. We suggest topping a wainscot with 1/2" z-trim or 1/2" j-trim. A good way to keep bugs out from behind your panel and water off of your foundation is finishing the base of this panel with a 1/2" l-base for the panel to sit on.
We will cut panels to length for projects of any size. We suggest topping this panel with 1/2" j-trim and finishing the base with a 1/2" broom base as they sit flush with the wall and are easy to seal around.