We are the region's leading steel manufacturing facility!

Offering a large variety of steel panels, trim, tools and accessories, ProTech Steel has become the regions leading steel manufacturing facility for a reason. At the core of everything we do lies faith, integrity, reliability and a commitment of service that is second to none!

We currently operate two full scale manufacturing facilities in which we produce 13 different panel options and unlimited trim possibilities. We currently manufacture for and deliver to Eastern and Western Montana, Wyoming, Idaho and will be servicing the Dakota’s soon. 

We produce a full scope of panel specific trims and custom trims to meet any detailed project specification needs.

We employ a staff of experienced industry professionals that are eager help you with the planning and production on any construction project. 

We are committed to getting your project done in a timely fashion while maintaining accuracy in production.

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ProTech Steel is recognized as the region's leading steel panel and trim manufacturer!

We honor superior customer service, a high level of expertise, and focus is to develop relationships that last. Serving a list of long-term clients within the region, and successfully manufacturing for multiple industries.


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Our commitment is to serve the community with a top quality product, and an unbeatable turn around time, with a focus on excellence!

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Complete control over products allows us to ensure our customers receive the best quality prices and service.